Get Care from Home
Through our Telehealth Appointments

Get Care from Home Through our Telehealth Appointments

To protect the health of our patients and minimize the spread of COVID-19, we are currently limiting in-office visits. But we know neck and back pain can arise at any time, so we continue to be available to help you heal.

We are now providing telehealth appointments that allow you to have your condition assessed and treated from the comfort of your own home through a secure online video chat with Dr. Hyder or his team. As always, we will build a custom treatment plan to fit your needs, taking time to understand your history, symptoms, and goals.

Early intervention can eliminate the need for unnecessary medication, surgery or extensive imaging tests—including X-Rays, MRIs and CT scans. Delaying treatment could mean additional expenses and prolonged pain. Request an appointment today so we can help you get on the path to a pain free life.

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What you can expect:

  • You have the choice between Facetime, Skype or Zoom Conference for your telehealth appointment. If you have an iPhone and are using Facetime, no download is necessary. For those without access to these video call options, phone call appointments can be scheduled.

  • If your visit was scheduled using the Zoom app and you are using your desktop or laptop, you should have received an email invitation to use Zoom. You may open the link in your Zoom invitation at the time of your appointment.

  • If your visit will be using your mobile device and you plan on using the Zoom, please download that app if you have not already done so. Download Zoom for iPhone here and Zoom for Android here.

  • If your visit was scheduled using the Skype app and you are using your desktop, laptop or mobile device you should have received an email invitation to use Skype. You may open the link in your Skype invitation at the time of your appointment.

To get the most out of your appointment:

  • Begin to connect about 5 minutes prior to the start of your appointment. You may have a screen that says your appointment will begin once approved by your meeting host. We ask for your patience as our clinical team will begin the appointment at the scheduled time.

  • Ensure that your camera is on and that you are allowing video. If you are using Zoom on your laptop computer for the appointment, it is strongly recommended that you chose the Call Me option for audio. You will be asked for your phone number and Zoom will call you back to start the meeting. The secondary option is to select Join with Computer Audio to run through your computer speakers and microphone. Selection of the Phone Call option is not recommended.

  • Ensure your device is connected to a strong/stable internet connection. If using a cell phone, being connected to an internet source can provide a better connection.

  • Choose a location in which you can be most comfortable both physically and emotionally. You may be asked to move about during your visit so make sure you have room to move. You want to be able to share information freely with the doctor so chose a location that is private and without distractions.

  • Find a spot to place your laptop or mobile device so that Dr. Hyder can have a full view of you even when you’re moving.

  • Wear comfortable clothes that allow for movement that can be seen over video. Having snug fitting clothes allows for your provider to assess how parts of your body move to determine the best intervention.

  • We will have someone call you ahead of time on the day of your appointment to ensure that you have taken the necessary steps to have a smooth visit.

  • If you are unable to connect with Dr. Hyder, please call 219-797-7463 to re-schedule. Due to the Covid-19 crisis, many video chat networks are experiencing high volume that can cause disruption.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Telehealth?

Telehealth refers to medical services that are provided over a technology platform.

How do I know if Telehealth is right for me?

We encourage you to reach out our office at 219-797-7463 to discuss your questions with someone from Dr. Hyder’s team. We realize every patient is unique and we want to ensure that you are comfortable with telehealth before starting your appointment.

What equipment do I need?

Telehealth visits are conducted through audio-video chat on a device equipped with a camera such as a desktop, laptop, smartphone or tablet. During this time, our goal is to make this process as easy as possible, patients will have option of utilizing Apple Facetime or downloading Skype or Zoom to conduct your appointment.

How can I schedule a Telehealth visit?

Telehealth visits can be scheduled by requesting an appointment online or calling us at 219-797-7463.

Will my insurance cover my Telehealth visit?

In most cases, yes. When you request an appointment, we’ll call you to schedule and to help answer any insurance questions.

What if I would rather visit the clinic in person, can I still come in to the office?

Yes! During this time, our office will remain open. The safety of our patients and staff is extremely important to us and we are following the guidelines of the CDC and other health authorities to provide the safest environment for all.

Telehealth appointments are now available
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