MIS PCDF (DTRAX) Posterior Stabilization

The compression of the cervical spinal nerves associated with cervical radiculopathy causes numbness and pain. If there is compression of the nerves in the posterior of the neck, it can be treated with a minimally invasive PCDF procedure. The objective of this procedure is to give the nerves more room, relieving pressure and calming irritation.

Unlike more invasive surgical approaches, the MIS PCDF (DTRAX) procedure allows Dr. Hyder to access the spine from the posterior, or the back of the patient. It typically requires one small incision at the base of the neck. First, pressure is relieved on the spinal nerves by opening the small joints where the front of the vertebra meets the back. This gives the spinal nerves the space they need. Then, two implants and graft material are inserted between these joints to enable their healing. This approach often results in an immediate improvement in symptoms and is less invasive than most procedures on the cervical spine. Watch a video on how MIS PCDF (DTRAX) works.


If you are scheduled for an MIS PCDF (DTRAX) procedure or are caring for a patient who is, download pre-operative and post-operative forms and instructions.